Shades of Truth



This band started when two young aspiring intellectuals (Niko and Johnny) met in a high school Spanish class. Everyday Johnny would beseech Niko to let him borrow his Algebra 2 book in order to finish his homework promptly before going home. One day Johnny noticed that Niko had strange markings etched on his notebook. It read "System of a Down." From that day on, they became best of friends and decided to start a band.

A few years later, they met another intellectual at the University of California, Pierce. Michael was but a young chap in a chemistry class when he met Johnny. They assisted each other in concocting dangerous chemicals and through casual and colloquial talks, they learned of each others' gifts and Johnny said "You are a drummer? Come join my band bro," to which Michael responded, "I shall, bro." After many brave seasons of rocking out on the drums, our dearest Michael needed to part ways to pursue the path of enlightenment to become a healer of wounds. We wished him luck on his quest towards doctor-hood and thanked him for his service. Godspeed.

A short time later, in the depths of the evergreen forest of the University of California, Los Angeles emerged a muscular specimen of a man, Jonathan Snorlax Beatboxing Klyng. He spent endless days philosophizing with the Greek and the Philosorapter. He agreed to temporarily join the band and rock out on the keytar as a favor. But alas, he too would part ways in order to live the good life. He now studies amongst the ranks of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates in order to become a professor of Philosophy. Thank you brave and noble knight. May the philosopher kings watch over you.

From within the dark cloud of knowledge and black magic appeared the vanquisher of poor timing, Sir Ron von Double-bass. He agreed to join the others on their journey in order to slay any foes who would dare attempt to throw off the band's timing. He now resides on his throne where he beats any beats not worthy of his presence.

May Odin watch over these brave souls.

Niko - Vocals & Guitar
Johnny - Bass
Ron - Drums
Klyngman - Philosopher
Wesmay - Arist
Dart - Security